Believers often hear the great slander that “faith is just a crutch for the weak.” While it’s certainly true that our Christian beliefs can bring us comfort in challenging times, it’s also true that our faith often places great demands upon those who have it. Noah was asked to build an ark. Deborah was asked to lead an army. Moses was asked to defy a foreign king. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his own son. Some crutch.

The reality is this: wherever you are in your faith journey, God will meet you there, and he will work to stretch your faith, deepen your faith, mature your faith, and ultimately strengthen your faith. That strengthening isn’t always an easy process. In John 4, Jesus meets a royal official at the level of faith he has and takes him to a whole new level. It’s a story that shows us the way to increase your faith in Jesus is to exercise your faith in Jesus.

It also shows us that Jesus has supreme power over sickness and disease. In fact, he can heal in absentia, demonstrating his authority over the entire world and all that is in it. As a result, we can bring ourselves and our loved ones to Jesus in prayer because prayer knows no distance.

Sermon Resources:

Part 2: Growing in Faith (Sermon Outline)

Part 2: Growing in Faith (Sermon PowerPoint)

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