Our Fellowship

Faith Church is a small but growing congregation located in Temple, PA, just north of Reading. It’s a family of believers dedicated to “Loving Jesus and Others.” The worship is “blended,” and the fellowship is intergenerational.

We’re just ordinary folks, but we serve an extraordinary God. He’s at work in our midst, and we’re seeking to join him wherever we find him doing what only he can do.

A member of the Evangelical Congregational denomination, Faith Church is all about proclaiming the gospel, sharing grace, announcing hope, and pursuing God’s truth together on the journey of faith.

We treasure authenticity, fellowship, encouragement, and love. Our desire is to deepen the ministry and let God widen it as he sees fit. Pastor Brett Kindig serves Faith Church as the Lead Pastor, and we’re privileged to help out as part of the church staff.

Tim serves as the Pastor of Connectional Ministry, a role that involves teaching, leadership development, and the assimilation of new and existing members. Sonya works on staff as the Ministry Director, a role that involves leadership development, the assimilation of new and existing members, and worship renewal.

Faith church has a variety of programs and activities for the whole family, though we try to keep things simple and not clutter up the calendar with unnecessary events. We’d love to have you join the adventure as the Lord leads.

Our Doctrine

Believing the Bible to be our final authority for faith and Christian living, Faith Church affirms the following:

•  The universe is the purposeful creation of a personal, loving, almighty God. As such, all human beings are made in the image of the Creator and are of infinite worth.

•  Our world is under the sway of sin as a result of a historical and a personal human rebellion against God, so that suffering, death and separation from God are the experience of humankind; without the intervention of God’s grace, this would be the eternal state of all persons.

•  Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God, through his virgin birth, sinless life, sacrificial death on the cross, and glorious resurrection and ascension, graciously offers new life to all who receive him by faith.

•  The Holy Spirit, indwelling believers, gives us a desire and an ability to follow biblical standards of conduct in our personal lives and in society.

•  The Christian faith is lived in the community of the church, where worship and witness are embodied through the spiritual gifts of its members.

•  Jesus Christ will return to this world, bring an end to history as we know it, inaugurate the final judgment, and welcome believers into his eternal kingdom.

Faith Church
400 N. Temple Boulevard
Temple, PA 19560
(610) 929-1895

9:00 a.m. Sunday School for All Ages

10:15 a.m. Sunday Worship Service


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