2 thoughts on “Today’s Chuckle | 11.24.2021

  1. Oh puleeze! I always thank God for my “dining companion,” but he is the most wily pup in the whole world! I have often said that my dog is too intelligent for the likes of me. I cannot count the number of times I have had to chase him through the house to get something out of his mouth. I have learned to lock the door of my office when he enters therein to confine him while I wrench his mouth open and put my fingers down his throat to retrieve whatever he just stole! A reprieve, Dear Lord, a reprieve! I am getting too old for these high-speed chases! I might wait until Thanksgiving is over and done with before I give thanks this year!

  2. Bruce Boydell

    So true, Tim. Most dogs are watch dogs. Some graduate to Guard Dogs. Joan and are so thankful for your role at ICL and deepening our understanding of God and our identity as His image bearers. 🐕🎺🦅 Have a blessed Thanksgiving. – ❤️ Bruce Boydell

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