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Topical-Expository Series

Anticipation: Getting Ready for the Coming of Christ (4 Messages)

The Blood Covenant: A Study in the Faithfulness of God (8 Messages)

Carved in Stone: Some of God’s Ways for All of God’s People (12 Messages)

The Christ Community: What on Earth Is the Church, and Why Are We Here? (14 messages)

He Is Coming: Advent Reflections on the Two Appearances of Christ (4 Messages)

O Holy Night: The Challenge, The Inspiration (4 Messages)

Radiate: Practicing Neighbor Love in a Disconnected World (7 Messages)

Shadows of the Cross: The Death of Christ in Jewish Prophecy (6 Messages)

Turning the Tables: Meals of Messiah in the Gospel of Luke (11 Messages)

Bible Book Series

Yet Will I Trust Him: Job and the Mystery of Suffering (6 messages)

Good News, Bad News: God Alone Holds the Key to Life’s Meaning (1 message)

Excellence in Exile: Faithful Living in a Fallen Land (14 messages)

The Incomparable Christ: Miracles of Jesus in the Gospel of John (9 messages)

2 Timothy
The Gospel Unchained: Discipleship Dynamics in 2 Timothy (12 messages)

Squeezed: Forgiven and Forgiving in the Book of Philemon (3 messages)

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