Bible & Theology

This page contains an in-development catalog of all the biblical-theological posts available on This New Life. Entries are organized by general and seasonal subcategories. Searches can also be made by category and keyword.


A Walk to Remember (C. S. Lewis & J. R. R. Tolkien)
Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Up (Psalm 51)
Coffee and Ecclesiastes: Riddles, Treasures, and a Clue to the Meaning of Life
The Death and Resurrection of Hope (Psalm 88, Depression)
He Gives Me Breath…And Takes My Breath Away (God’s Name, “Yahweh”)
Holy Hiccups (Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Psalm 139:14)
Not Quite Home on the Range Yet (Sin and Missing the Mark)
Winter Came, and I Almost Missed It! (Zacchaeus)
Why Does God Want Our Praise?
Theocentricity in Biblical Theology (Unity in the Diversity)
Two Hebrew Words for Forgiveness
As White as Snow (Forgiveness)
Taking Out the Garbage of Self-Righteousness
Real ID (Our Identity in Christ)
The John 3:16 of the Old Testament
‘Plenty Too Much’: The God of Immeasurably More
The God of Yes: He Is There and He Is Not Stingy
Unmasking the Beast (Civil Disobedience in the Bible)
He Shines in All That’s Fair (Common Grace)
Needing and Needling (Christian Community)
‘Beauty and the Beast’ on Broadway (and the Bible)
Trinity and Church: Unity and Diversity on Mission Together
Infinite Grace for a Finite Number of Tears (Psalm 56)
Created to Create: Imagineering Our Way through Life 
‘Give to Caesar’: Jesus, Politics, and Uncle Sam
Awash in Wonder: What Artistic Beauty Tries to Teach Us
Purpose and Pleasure (Finding and Navigating Our Vocation)

Advent & Christmas

Here’s Your Sign (Shepherds and the Swaddled God)
God Has Landed: Harry Potter and Jesus
Impossible Journey: Our Down-to-Earth God
Divine Hospitality: God at Home in a Fractured World
Have Yourself a Snarky Little Christmas (Why Celebrating Is O.k.)
Why Lies He in Such Mean Estate?
Jesus, the Preemie
Unforgettable (Mary and the Magnificat)
Three Songs to Sing When Christmas Comes in a Minor Key
Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending
For All Those Who Stumble in the Darkness
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus

Thanksgiving & Gratitude

When You Have Eaten and Are Satisfied
And Guide Us When Perplexed

Lent & the Cross

His Only Son (Genesis 22)
For Us and For Our Salvation: Jesus, Our Substitute
Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Up (Humanity as Beautiful and Broken)