Real ID

Fifteen lies of identity:

  • I am what I do.
  • I am what I’ve done.
  • I am what I have.
  • I am what I look like.
  • I am how I feel.
  • I am where I’m from.
  • I am how I was raised.
  • I am my genes.
  • I am my failures.
  • I am my accomplishments.
  • I am my preferences.
  • I am who other people say I am.
  • I am nothing more than my worst moment.
  • I am nothing less than my best moment.
  • I am no one going nowhere.

The one truth of identity:

I am who I AM made me to be—a human being loved by God and created in his image.

The challenge, of course, is to align our thinking to this reality on a regular basis. To do so is an act of faith. And a declaration of war against the father of lies.

Image Credit:; Leonardo da Vinci; Tim Valentino.

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