Just between You and Meme (11.07.2023)


We have just one more message in our series on the book of Daniel. All the eschatology and apocalypticism we’ve encountered along the way has us thinking about the return of Christ. The soul craves rapture, doesn’t it? Christian musician Mat Kearny captures this deep desire in his song “Rochester,” which portrays a rough family life here on earth. “Knowing one day you’re gonna take me out of here.” Maybe you can relate.

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Just between You and Meme (10.14.2023)

It’s always nice to chuckle when life gets heavy. I have hundreds of memes on file, and it’s time to unload some of them for the sake of a few grins. Enjoy!

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Samuel James (aka SamJam, aka Bubby) a little more than year ago today:

My boy still cheers for the Phillies. 💙 ⚾ ❤️ 🧢

Bonus #2

Bonus #3

Flying out of state today to teach a doctoral residency, so I just keep adding to this post rather than starting a new one. I will miss the munchkins, but, happily, my balloon has been reinflated. 😊 🎈💙 🎓

Just between You and Meme (12.23.2020)

A few slices of wit and wisdom to enjoy or ponder.

Christmas Bonus

“Veni Redemptor Gentium” (“Come, Redeemer of the Nations”) is possibly the first Christmas hymn ever written. Others may have preceded it, but we have definitive provenance for this text. St. Ambrose of Milan wrote it in the 4th century. The current Wikipedia entry contains J. M. Neale’s brilliant translation.