Just between You and Meme (12.23.2020)

A few slices of wit and wisdom to enjoy or ponder.

Christmas Bonus

“Veni Redemptor Gentium” (“Come, Redeemer of the Nations”) is possibly the first Christmas hymn ever written. Others may have preceded it, but we have definitive provenance for this text. St. Ambrose of Milan wrote it in the 4th century. The current Wikipedia entry contains J. M. Neale’s brilliant translation.

One thought on “Just between You and Meme (12.23.2020)

  1. sandrapaton

    Are you SURE there is no Purgatory??? You might wind up there for sending some of these. 😇

    The Veni Redemptor was outright wonderful! Thanks a million. If it were within my power, you would be redeemed.Thanks for the laughs, the thoughts, and the beautiful plainchant! Interesting with the sax. Works! (I think a purist might call for one of those horrible crumhorns. The soprano sax is a lot sweeter.)

    I love the Nativity! But cannot tell you which posting was the funniest. I am, however, going to admit to one thing: I am a book sniffer. Don’t you remember how books smelled when we were kids? There was this fresh oats scent or something like that. I loved it. Yes, it’s true. I was a book sniffer. I sometimes try now, but to no avail. The scent is all wrong. God will ask me about it someday, and I hope we both have a good laugh. Otherwise, I’ll meet you in Purgatory!!!


    PS Ain’t it the truth about the Little Drummer Boy! Makes you wonder if Mary ever swore!


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