Teatime: My Top Five Blends These Days

Being in London, Oxford, and Paris two years ago sparked a new dalliance with tea on my part. Nothing can separate me from my coffee in the morning, but one can’t be a true Anglophile without a love for the cuppa, right? Here’s what I’m sipping these days.

1. English Breakfast Tea

English breakfast tea is a standard black tea blend that many describe as full-bodied, robust, and rich. I find it to be rather light for my taste, but it’s a good and serviceable tea for regular use. It doesn’t work as a replacement for coffee in the morning, but I do enjoy it for a mid-afternoon break in the action. The red telephone tin is a bonus.

2. Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea is a popular black tea blend flavored with Bergamot, a type of citrus. It has a generally mild, balanced taste, which I find to be more full-bodied than the English breakfast tea. It’s good for those “one-step-above standard” occasions, well suited for mid- to late-afternoon breaktime.

3. PG Tips Tea

PG Tips tea is the bomb on this tongue—a real treat for those who like it bold. It has the same effect as a good cup of coffee in the morning. I find it to be strong but not bitter, robust but not muddy. As one reviewer writes, “There’s not a lot of pretense in a cup of PG Tips, despite the fact that it inspired little prince George’s nickname, ‘Tips.’” I love this blend!

4. Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Herbal Tea

Readers of TNL will know of my affection for all things mint. The flavor and aroma of this blend are neither overpowering nor overly sweet. Rather, there’s just enough zest to delight the tongue and remind a person of the North Pole. It’s not quite Christmas in a cup, but it’s pleasant enough to remind us that Santa is still making his list and checking it twice.

5. Bigelow ‘I Love Lemon’ Tea

Bigelow ‘I Love Lemon’ tea is my current favorite—especially as the day is winding down and bedtime is right around the corner. There’s more than a hint of lemon in its flavor, and the blend is free from caffeine and artificial ingredients. While many view this particular brew as a kitchen staple, I find it to be a real comfort and delight. My lips enjoy sipping this one.

 What’s your favorite tea?