A Dream Is a Wish Your Mouth Makes

This weekend I’m participating in the Future Church Summit put on by Fresh Expressions. (I’ve had the privilege of teaching in our doctoral program with a couple of the presenters, so I decided to pop in and see what they have to say.) Last night the conference coordinator prayed that God would speak to us in our dreams. (Yes, I believe that God can and sometimes does speak to us in our dreams.) Feel free to psychoanalyze me if you like, but I dreamed of coffee. Does that count as an answer to prayer?

Image Credit: goodfon.com.

One thought on “A Dream Is a Wish Your Mouth Makes

  1. RuthAnn Stauffer

    Tim, I had just read your coffee post. Then I enjoyed the best cup of coffee I’d had in a long time…with Jesus. I thanked him over and over as I sipped. That sequed to a moving recognition of two friends engaged in the joy of such a simple pleasure. The best part of waking up is Jesus with my cup.

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