The Cutie on Duty

Samuel continues to grow in awareness of the people and objects around him. His curiosity is off the charts, and he often sports a laser focus on that which interests him at any given moment. Maybe that’s why he fights sleep so valiantly. He doesn’t want to miss out on anything good. His baby lingo is a delight to hear, too, and his first words can’t be too far behind. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the gurgle-goos and ahhh-goos that fill the air. There’s no sweeter music in all the world.

Medical update: Our last trip to CHOP resulted in some good news and an item to keep in prayer. The dilation in Samuel’s right kidney is completely gone (praise the Lord!), and the dilation in his left kidney has shown good progress (thank you, Lord!). Still, there’s some calcium debris in the left kidney that we need to keep an eye on. It’s such a small thing compared to the other cases we see at that wonderful hospital, but it’s still an issue. Next stop is the pediatric nephrologist.

Below are some recent snaps and a brief video of our beloved SamJam. A couple shots feature his “Cutie on Duty” bib that someone made for him at the baby shower last October.

Being entertained by the crazy sounds we make for him.
Sitting in the bumbo seat looking at the great outdoors.
Learning how to sit up in his special chair.
Getting to know Mrs. Mosby, the cat.
Attending his first worship team rehearsal, complete with baby headphones.
The open mouth usually means he’s happy. Or hungry, of course. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Cutie on Duty

  1. Open mouth? Surely he’s hungry… for life, for sitting up, for walking, for talking… God bless you all. So glad he is on the mend. Continued prayers!

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