SamJam at Four Months

Samuel turned four months old yesterday, and he was all smiles. I look forward to seeing him each weekday, and I miss him terribly when he’s not here on the weekends. We always have a blast together. His favorite games are, “Go See,” “Cheek Thing,” “Belly Zerbits,” and “Samuel Sandwich.” This last game should probably be the subject of its own post someday!

I made the mistake of trying to sing “The Blessing” over him this past Thursday, which was my birthday. I say “mistake” because I wound up blubbering all over him when I got to this part of the song:

May His favor be upon you
And a thousand generations
And Your family and your children
And their children, and their children

I didn’t feel too bad about snotting on him because he’s anointed many of my shirts with his own spit-up. We’re hardly even yet! 🙂

Enjoy a few pics of my wonderful little bubby. (The mark on his forehead is a little scab from a self-inflicted bonk!)


Bethany sent me this little gem of Samuel trying his first bite of solid food. I don’t think he’s convinced yet. 🙂

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