Beauty from the Dirt

After my sour little “chuckle” from earlier today, I thought I should say something happy—if for no other reason than to let everyone know I’m not despairing (or going apoplectic) over the absurdities of our day. Better to be a happy warrior than a curmudgeon. Besides, believers are people of hope and resurrection.

Nothing conveys that great truth better than spring flowers. Up from the dark dirt come the bright beauties of the plant kingdom. Red and yellow tulips in combination are among my favorites, though I have many others, too.

I adore my cherry tree, but it didn’t keep its color very long this year because of the late frost. Maybe next year it will do better. The large addition we put on the back of our house a couple years ago necessitated the sacrifice of a glorious hydrangea bush, which needs to be remedied soon. And then there’s that Japanese maple I’ve been wanting to get…

Anyway, here are a few snaps from the front part of our house. May they brighten your day a bit like they did mine.

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