The Flowering of New Life

Between proffing, pastoring, dissertating, and Holy Week-ing, I’ve been really bad at posting lately. I’m massively behind on sermon uploads, too. My apologies! As somebody once said, the faster I go, the behinder I get. 😊  The pile has been high lately. (When has it ever not been high?) And then there are various birthday events this week. (I’m still not sure if I was born on the 30th, the 31st, or the 1st. My adoptive parents chose the 31st because if it’s wrong, it’s the least wrong. Good call on their part.) 

Anyway, there are signs of life all over the place, and it’s so encouraging to the soul. It’s a nice diversion from the pain of social media and the latest school shooting. (The targeting of Christian children now by tranny-terrorists? And the corrupt mainstream media will never cover it accurately. Thank God for independent media.) But the new life to which I refer is, first of all, Levi. He’s due July 18, although they may revise that date. I’m banking on the 14th to the 21st, and the spoiling strategies have already begun! Below are some sonograms from his latest ultrasound. He’s smiling already!

The other new life is the explosion of color in our flower beds. The spring daffs and hyacinths have taken off, and the tulips are on their way. Best of all, our treatment plan on the cherry tree seems to have worked, at least in part. We finally have some characteristic pink flowering taking place. So, welcome to spring. But, please, dear season of newness, keep your allergies to yourself.


Oh, and it’s Opening Day, too. Heading to the store now to get some non-pareils. It’s a tradition! 🙂

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