I May Have Just Melted

We took Samuel to the Twilight Acres Creamery & Bakery in Womelsdorf yesterday. It’s a charming little shop that makes for a great Friday Fun Day. The ice cream and baked goods are outstanding. We had a lovely time together, and the little guy still apparently remembers our date. (See video below.) Earlier on Friday Bethany and I went to Hobby Lobby and then had lunch at the Longhorn Steakhouse. Bubby charmed the whole restaurant. I may have gotten him a Cocomelon doll at the store because he kept saying “Co-co,” which charmed me

One thought on “I May Have Just Melted

  1. Oh yeah! Been to Twilight Acres. Yum! And Mast Health Cupboard in Myerstown (go early on a Saturday for the sourdough soft pretzels). Bet the little one would LOVE a soft sourdough pretzel. I brought some frozen pretzels home! Am going to pick up some sourdough starter at Mast soon. Love baking bread! Bought a fabulous book on sourdough baking at The Messenger book store. It’s surprising, but there’s stuff to do and see in the boondocks! 😉

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