A Musician in the Making?

I’ve been really bad at posting lately. My apologies! It’s mostly because the latest chapter for my dissertation was 60 pages long. Oh, and there are nine appendices totaling 139 pages. Maybe I overdid it. 😊 Anyway, here are some recent clips of the Bubster. I think he’s a musician in the making! He brings so much joy to our lives. I’m off to read something light and airy for a few days before I start the next chapter. Any recommendations?

A song about Mama and Dada.
Carrying a tune.
Ringing the bell.
Where do we go on Wednesday’s? Papa’s and Gaga’s!
And who gets him the ice cream?
When the electricity goes out, tubby time can be done with glow sticks in the water!

Only 6 more weeks until we get to meet Levi.

💙 👶 💙 👶 💙 👶 💙 👶 💙 👶 💙

2 thoughts on “A Musician in the Making?

  1. Sandy Paton

    A word on the importance of music: I play organ at various churches on Sunday. And on occasion parishioners will comment on the music and its execution. In one church, an elderly woman gives me reports. (I see her and think, O Lord, here she comes!) One Sunday me a 9, another Sunday she is displeased and might give me a 7. You just never know what or why. But it occurred to me last night that people feel compelled to be “involved” whether they are musicians or not. Here is an interesting story that I think illustrates my point: Virgil Fox, at one time the world’s greatest living organist and undoubtedly one of the greatest organists of all times, was beset upon by an elderly woman as he played the postlude. She banged him repeatedly on the back with her umbrella in protest claiming he played too loudly. I finally saw this, not as a condemnation of his playing, but as a way of being involved, having some role or part in this incredibly important part of the service. A manner of saying, “See, I was instrumental in getting him to play more softly”–which of course she was not. Many people approach the bench after a service to say, “I wish I had studied longer” or “I wish I could play.” They long to be a part of the music making. Fortunately, there is the human voice!

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