Two Little Dino-Mites

Samuel likes being a big brother to Levi. We had them over to our place a couple times this week, which is always a sheer delight. The last time they were here, they had on matching dinosaur shirts. Of course, I had to get the camera. 😊 Levi had a procedure at CHOP this week, and all went well. He seems rather peaceful, with no lingering effects. 

This time of year is always thick with course and syllabus preparation, which also comes with added tasks and responsibilities in the digital age. Still, it’s a labor of love, as is the dissertation, which is still in motion. Next month always feels like a changeover at church, too, so the pile is doubly high these days. All the more reason to throw in some silly memes for a few lighthearted moments before getting back to the grind.

Enjoy. And have a fantastic weekend.

The cats don’t even try.
This is never more true than when I try to swim or play softball.
As long as it’s not a lead pencil.
A legitimate observation, despite the typo.
I guess this qualifies as a generation gap.
Passed the test at school. Flunked the test at home.
Yes, I am an INTJ, but my N is moving in the F direction these days. In fact, I tend to extrovert my F, which is why I could never be a good poker player.

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