The World’s Most Impressive Fall Color Destinations

“As the hot, sticky hug of summer yields to the crisp embrace of autumn, nature embarks on a colorful and captivating transformation. Fall is our favorite.” So write the editors at the captivating Moss and Fog website, and I wholeheartedly concur. Fall is magical. I’ll be linking below to their August 17 post titled, “Exploring the World’s Most Impressive Fall Color Destinations.” First a few snaps and clips of my cherubs.

Levi cooing to Mama.
Samuel enjoying the special seat I got him for his new wagon.
Someone learned how to use the remote to our patio lights.
Testing. Testing. Testing.
He pushes a button and then announces the color.
Bubby always gets worn out after a day of playing with Papa.

O.k., here’s the link to that Moss and Fog post.

One thought on “The World’s Most Impressive Fall Color Destinations

  1. Sandy Paton

    Stunning photos of family and foliage. Thank you! Of course, autumn is my favorite season too. I was born in early October. All of my birthdays celebrated through age 10 were decked in orange and black. An early nod to Halloween. I recall being in dance class when I was just 5 years old. One little dancer announced that it was her birthday. So we sang Happy Birthday. I then told the dance teacher that it was my birthday, too. So we sang another Happy Birthday. My mother, listening in the waiting room with other mothers, was not happy. She told me that because we had sung Happy Birthday that day, the class would not be able to sing on my actual birthday only 2 weeks away. My actual birthday fell on a dance class day. I had to go through the class without telling anyone it was my real birthday. And no one sang the birthday song. Quite a lesson that. But I digressed. I love the autumn! (And my mom handled the problem beautifully!)

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