The Party’s Over

Maybe your church reinstituted the greeting time (or the “passing of the peace”) during the worship service in a post-COVID era. If so, the party’s over for us introverts. 😊 I just had to share this little gem from Instagram because it’s too good to keep to myself:

Also, the playoff game last night was amazing. The Phillies clinched a spot in the National League Division Series against the Atlanta Braves with their 7-1 victory over the Miami Marlins. So, for the Phillies, the party’s just getting started. Except Atlanta is the best team in baseball this year, and they have a score to settle with us from last season. The road ahead will not be easy.

Anyway, this was my seventh time to the park this year. We had the worst seats, but it was the best game to attend. (My theology prof buddy and I were so high up, we could look down on the foul pole!) It was loud. Very LOUD—especially after the J. T. Realmuto home run and the Bryson Stott grand slam. The poor little boy next to me kept covering his ears.

My phone died early, so I was able to take only three pictures—one in the Xfinity Center where we had lunch, one in the ballpark right after the gates opened, and one of the massive scoreboard from our nose-bleed seats.

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