Squeals on Wheels

Below is a short clip on the origin of rollerblading. I’m sharing it because I knew you would want to know. (You’re welcome.) As for me, getting out the old skates is nothing like riding a bike. I wiggle, jiggle, and wobble with the best of them. And then I go kersplat. Just before impact there’s usually a squeal of some sort. Followed by a groan.

O.k., carry on.

A Few Minor Adjustments to the ‘TNL’ Site Map

I recently tweaked a few things at TNL and added a new landing page to help with navigation. The new page is called “Fun Stuff,” which is located here. It allows for quicker retrieval of four new subcategories. I found myself wanting to see all the “Throwback Thursday,” “Friday Fun,” and “Just between You and Meme” posts grouped together rather than intermixed in the blog feed, or even in the narrower “Fun Stuff” category. Here’s the gist of the new page:

Fun Stuff

Life can be hard sometimes, so we like to laugh here at This New Life whenever we can. As King Solomon once said, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” (Prov 17:22). Things that make us chuckle usually come in posts that fall into one of four categories, which can be separated as follows:

On the Lighter Side
Just between You and Meme
Throwback Thursday
Friday Fun

If you prefer the chronological listing without subcategory separations, click here:

Fun Stuff

Landing Pages

That brings the total number of sections (including landing, static, and interactive pages) to nine:

Fun Stuff

As always, thanks for reading This New Life. Thanks also for keeping in touch.

Be blessed!

Image Credit: cxl.com.

A Few Thanksgiving Grins

It’s nice to smile when the year has been so odd and the holiday so different. To keep things on the lighter side, I pardoned the vegetables this year. Only the turkey and potatoes were executed for the greater good. The broccoli, cauliflower, beets, corn, spinach, and green beans can keep their lives for another year. It’s better that way for everyone. Well, here are some actual fun highlights from the day:

Fun Highlight #1: My grandcat Mrs. Mosby was here. Her mission in life seems to be to convert me from being a dog person to a cat person. Given the demon-possessed Pomeranian I used to own, that shouldn’t be too difficult.

Fun Highlight #2: We chuckled at the Thanksgiving list my son made when he was in third grade. It’s prominently displayed on the family room piano. He listed all his toys and relatives. All the relatives, that is, except his sister. She didn’t make the cut. Come to think of it, first on his list was that demon-possessed Pomeranian referenced above.

Fun Highlight #3: I had a random conversation with my son-in-law about Halloween candy. He wanted to know why I dislike candy corn so much. I said, “Because there’s not enough chocolate in it.” I rest my case.

Fun Highlight #4: My son-in-law rocked Mrs. Mosby to sleep, after which she apparently had a charismatic dream (see below). I’m thinking she’s a Pentecostal. 

O.k., time for some real Thanksgiving humor. 🙂 Enjoy!

Table cleared. Kitchen cleaned. Thanks given. O.k., NOW we can decorate and play Christmas music in this house!