A Few Minor Adjustments to the ‘TNL’ Site Map

I recently tweaked a few things at TNL and added a new landing page to help with navigation. The new page is called “Fun Stuff,” which is located here. It allows for quicker retrieval of four new subcategories. I found myself wanting to see all the “Throwback Thursday,” “Friday Fun,” and “Just between You and Meme” posts grouped together rather than intermixed in the blog feed, or even in the narrower “Fun Stuff” category. Here’s the gist of the new page:

Fun Stuff

Life can be hard sometimes, so we like to laugh here at This New Life whenever we can. As King Solomon once said, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” (Prov 17:22). Things that make us chuckle usually come in posts that fall into one of four categories, which can be separated as follows:

On the Lighter Side
Just between You and Meme
Throwback Thursday
Friday Fun

If you prefer the chronological listing without subcategory separations, click here:

Fun Stuff

Landing Pages

That brings the total number of sections (including landing, static, and interactive pages) to nine:

Fun Stuff

As always, thanks for reading This New Life. Thanks also for keeping in touch.

Be blessed!

Image Credit: cxl.com.

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