A Prayer Request for Our Little Munchkin

Samuel is growing and thriving, but he has a bit of an issue with his kidneys. His mom and dad had him at CHOP earlier this week, and they discovered that both kidneys are slightly dilated. The condition can heal on its own over time, or he could need surgery a couple years down the road. Time will tell.

I had a good cry over the prospect that our little SamJam would need to go under the knife at such a young age, but so many parents (and grandparents) have much bigger medical challenges they must face. We’re blessed that our precious munchkin is otherwise strong and healthy.

And cute. Oh, my word, he is so cute!

That said, for those who pray, we would appreciate any intercession you might be able to undertake on his behalf. We believe in divine healing and the power of God to work miracles.

THANK YOU so much!

4 thoughts on “A Prayer Request for Our Little Munchkin

  1. Oh my! This day will be a day/week/month of prayer for SamJam, mom and dad, and grandma and grandpa. Sending love and hugs and blessings. Please keep us posted! Just received a call from a friend who is ill. He cannot eat or drink and asked me to make ginger tea. This is an emergency day, and my prayers will continue unabated for all.

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