More on Our Little Nugget

Joy abounds as we get to spend more time with Levi. Micah revealed his first nickname: “Nugget.” So, now we have Bubby and Nuggy. 😊 Samuel is learning what it means to be a big brother, and his interactions with Levi have been charming. Mommy and daddy have been working hard to make Samuel feel special despite all the attention his baby brother needs right now. So, there are some snaps of him below, too. He’s in “Sudsy Bubby” mode. Enjoy! 

💙 🩵💙 🩵💙 🩵💙 🩵💙 🩵

Bubby Bonus:

4 thoughts on “More on Our Little Nugget

  1. Sandy Paton

    Well, washing a car was surely one good way get Samuel to clean up his act! I still can’t believe he’s walking and standing. Wasn’t he just born himself??? Baby Brother is so sweet and doing what babies do best: sleep!

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