Art and Athletics in Cooperstown, New York

The flurry of activity these past two weeks—from the heartbreaking death of a family friend to the joyful birth of our little nugget—delayed the posting of snaps from our anniversary trip to Cooperstown, New York. We took scores of pictures, but a mere handful will have to suffice for now.

Day 1: We attended the Glimmerglass Festival production of Paccini’s La bohème at the Alice Busch Opera Theater. 

Day 2: We toured the Baseball Hall of Fame, wax museum, Doubleday Field, and various shops in the area. 

Day 3: We visited the Fenimore Art Museum, which featured an exhibit by M. C. Escher, the Dutch artist known for his tessalated woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints.  

During the trip we stayed at the lovely Landmark Inn and ate at local restaurants. It was a lovely time away from the daily grind. (Pictures aren’t allowed during the opera, so there’s a stock photo included.)

The Alice Busch Opera Theater. 
Inside the theater.
La bohème is a musical feast.
Outside the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
The hall of fame rotunda.
Schmitty, my favorite Phillie of all time. Chase Utley is a close second.
Lefty, the most dominant Phillies pitcher ever.
Roy “Doc” Halladay, another dominant pitcher, sadly no longer with us.
The legendary birthplace of baseball.
Escher’s most famous work, unwittingly demonstrating the absurdity of self-creation.
Notice the interplay between angels and demons.

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